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Janine - Creator and Owner of BKLL

Where it all began...

I am a Primary School teacher with over 20 years experience. I worked in the Primary Sector from 2001 and moved into the Nursery Sector in 2012. As part of my role, I worked very closely with parents and children, to support them with the transition from Nursery to Primary. I realised how daunting this could be for parents and was really encouraged to see that so many families were keen to be involved in their child's learning, even at this early stage. 

I was extremely passionate about involving families in their children's learning and constantly wondered:

"If I ran a class for parents and children together, would families come? A class that is as much for the parents as it is for the children?"

I then came up with Big Kids Little Learners, where children learn through play and adults get to be big kids again. In August 2016 I ran an introductory workshop and in September 2016, I started my first official classes, and to this date, Ive never looked back.

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