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Pink Sugar

What do we do at


Our classes are one hour sessions where both children and adults have the opportunity to play, learn and have real quality time together.  


What do our sessions entail?

  • Each week we start the classes by exploring a letter using our very own scheme called Family Phonics. ​

  • The sessions then lead into free play. At every class, we provide families with a range of fun and exciting activities that allow children to explore literacy, numeracy, pencil control, cutting skills and so much more. 

  • Our sessions alway end with a fun and engaging story time!

Our Vision

Life can get in the way of the things that matter.


All too often, we have long demanding lists of things to do, taking us away from time with our children. 

At BKLL, we want to give families uninterrupted, quality time, where memories can be made. We want our families to go home after each session, not only feeling great about themselves, but also knowing that their children are learning new skills each week.

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