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Family Phonics

Each week at Big Kids Little Learners we explore a new letter, using our very own unique phonics scheme called Family Phonics. 

Family Phonics was created by Janine Neil (owner of BKLL) over 10 years ago.  The scheme is incredibly successful in encouraging children to recognise letters and sounds.


"I wanted to create a phonics scheme that especially engaged younger children. I knew children loved characters, so I decided to create a character for every letter of the alphabet. Many of our characters are cheeky and mischievous. The children love this as it helps them remember each sound." 

Janine (Owner of BKLL)

Family Phonics has:

  • A character for each letter..

  • A short, simple story for each letter.

  • An action for each letter.

  • A song for each letter.

  • And we teach the BSL sign for each letter.

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